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Criminal Law

  1.     All Felonies and Misdemeanors

  2.     Major and Minor Drug Charges

  3.     Drug Related Seizure of Assets & Forfeiture

  4.     Drunk Driving Charges (Including Multiple Offenders)

  5.     Strong and Aggressive Defense in Medical Marijuana Cases

  6.     Domestic Violence Defense

  7.     Restraining Order Defense

  8.     If Retained I Can Arrange For Immediate Release From a Warrant or Custody On a Promise To Appear (OR), or Bail/Bond

  9.     If Retained I Can Arrange to Have a Warrant Recalled; All Traffic Matters; All Probation Violations

Clean Up Prior Criminal History

  1.    Expungements

  2.     Dismissals

  3.     P.C. 1000; Proposition 36 and Other Diversions

  4.     Sealing of Juvenile and Arrest Records

  5.     Expungement of Your DNA Profile and Sample

  6.     Early Probation Termination

  7.     Felony Reductions

  8.     Rehabilitations and Pardons

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Civil Rights Violations

  1.     Excessive Force Cases Involving Serious Injury or Wrongful Death

Personal Injury

  1.     Accident Cases Involving Serious Injury or Wrongful Death